Brokering Partnerships

Connect and collaborate in new ways to amplify change

Most businesses and not-for-profit organisations know that to make a difference you can’t work in isolation. Collaborative partnerships can provide a platform for new opportunities and solutions that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve alone. Different partners bring unique resources, understanding, credibility and authority to the table to create new connections and to achieve scale.

However, collaboration is not always easy to practice. Despite best intentions and fabulous ideas, many partnerships fall flat. This is usually because the essential steps for establishing and maintaining the partnership are not in place or key people driving the partnership become stretched thin.

Effective partnering is comprised of many variables. But at its core, collaborative practice is based on three pillars: purpose, people and process.

  1. Purpose: It’s important to articulate and agree on a shared vision, value proposition and impact thesis, the type of partnership, the scope of the relationship between the parties and alignment with core business.
  2. Process: The partnership needs to be formalised and a ‘blueprint’ for collaborative practice amongst the parties established. This includes agreement on governance, communication, decision-making, coordination, meetings, monitoring, reporting…the list goes on.
  3. People: Unsurprisingly, the success of any partnership will ultimately rest on relationships. It’s critical to invest in building trust, respect and understanding amongst the parties and to put in place measures to foster openness and flexibility.

Ethical Republic can help broker partnerships and support the collaborative practice of partnering throughout the life of the project, including support to:

  • Identify, and secure, the right people to be at the table
  • Ensure the role and drivers of each partner are understood and equally valued
  • Formalise the partnership and develop the ‘blueprint’
  • Coordinate delivery of the partnership as an independent party, keeping all partners ‘on track’
  • Support to get the most strategic value out of the partnership
  • Secure impact investment, if required

For further details, check out our recent post: Ten Tips to Improve Partnering for Impact

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