Next Generation CSR

Bespoke opportunities for business to deliver positive social and environmental value

Most companies are aware they need to “give back” in order to get – and keep – their social licence to operate. We can support your business to define, develop and deliver an original corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd and aligns with your business objectives. We are experts at co-creating and curating bespoke CSR opportunities that will both delight your customers and impress your stakeholders.

However, this approach is increasingly becoming the minimum acceptable requirement to stay in the market. Plus, it fails to capitalise on opportunities to create competitive advantage and to deliver further value for customers.

Customers expect more. Communities demand more. The environment needs more. And governments will eventually legislate for more.

So why not lead from the front in your sector?

Your business can benefit from stretching beyond conventional CSR. Shared Value provides ways for companies to create business model innovations that have “doing good” as the main character.

This could include:

  • Creating new products, services or markets (or changing existing ones) that place solutions to social or environmental problems at the core of business objectives
  • Redefining the value chain in ways that increase productivity, or that modify processes, materials and quality, and that also improve social outcomes and sustainability
  • Transforming the way your business collaborates with the community sector through meaningful and impactful partnerships

You don’t have to set out to change the world. But our bet is there are untapped opportunities in your business model that will enable you to do better for people and the planet, which will likely create a competitive advantage for your company through new customers and markets, cost savings, talent retention, supply chain efficiencies, and more.

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