Securing Investment

Unlock for-purpose capital and secure funding for your impact project or social enterprise

There is no shortage of great ideas for how to solve social and environmental problems. At Ethical Republic, we know how to get impact projects and social enterprises funded so that you can focus on your core business of delivering outcomes.

We can help you design an impact project that has maximum chance of securing funding. Or, if you’re taking a commercial approach, we can help you develop a mission-led business model for a social enterprise that is viable and appealing to investors.

We are experts in traditional forms of funding, such as grants, sponsorship and philanthropy. But we can also help you to structure and secure investment for impact projects and social enterprises via non-traditional asset classes, such as debt, equity and impact bonds. Other options, such as joint venture arrangements, may also be available to you.

We can help you:

  • Design your impact project or build a profitable social enterprise business model and develop a viable business plan to secure investment
  • Match your project with the right funding mechanism or investment type
  • Identify and reach out to prospective investors or funding bodies to pitch your shovel-ready project or social enterprise
  • Close the deal and secure sustainable financing
  • Plan how you will demonstrate impact
  • Creating a reporting protocol to keep investors, board, staff and stakeholders up to speed

Watching the power of committed capital change people’s lives and protect cultural and environmental values is one of the best parts of our work at Ethical Republic.

Let us help you explore what’s possible to secure sustainable financing to bring your next impact project or social enterprise to life.

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