The Grant Making Kiosk

A one-stop-shop solution to help funding bodies build a robust grant facility with real impact

The Grant Making Kiosk is our one-stop-shop solution for grant makers and funding bodies.

Grants can be an important way of deepening relationships with stakeholders and providing opportunities for individuals and organisations in the community to achieve social and environmental outcomes. They also provide a tangible way to share wealth and catalyse change in ways that align with your values and business goals.

However, grant programs are also process-heavy and require a lot of attention to detail to get right. There is a lot of administration involved in creating a transparent and fair process and there is a great deal of work behind-the-scenes to ensure the program will deliver real impact where it will add most value to all involved.

If grant making is not your core business or if you want to ensure your key resources remain focused on profit-driving activities, then you may want to consider outsourcing the development and management of your grant facility.

How can The Grant Making Kiosk help?

  • Create a vision for the grant program and align with your business (or charitable) objectives
  • Map out the program meta structure and grant management cycle
  • Set eligibility and assessment criteria
  • Engage a panel of qualified reviewers
  • Automate the submission process through best-in-class online grant management systems
  • Conduct an Expression of Interest (EOI) process or First-Round Call
  • Screen EOIs and invite shortlisted parties to submit full applications
  • Facilitate assessment by the review panel
  • Award grants and communicate with all applicants
  • Amplify the funding body’s role in creating opportunities
  • Analyse submissions and report to stakeholders
  • Monitor delivery of funded projects; track and communicate impact
  • Consider lessons learned and document improvements for the future

We can also help with fresh ideas to reinvigorate your approach to community investment. Other options besides grants may include: accelerator hubs, innovation challenges, design-a-thons and awards programs.

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